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Philip Andersson
Licensed Mental Health Care
Counselor & Psychotherapist (PDT-1)
Since 2018

Online Counselling For Expats In The Netherlands
Counselling for expats dealing with depression, anxiety and other mental health issues.
1 session (50 min) = 70 USD
5 sessions = 300 USD
Consultation (15 min) = 25 USD

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I’ve Provided Online Counselling Sessions To Loads Of Expats In Netherlands!

J.M. Loon
J.M. Loon
I attended Philip's 50 mins free first session and find that is very observant of your emotion, stop you and ask pointed questions to help you to gain clarity of the issue you are tackling. He is calm, composed and emphatic. He also taught me very practical way of speaking to my anxiety to get it under control. I can't wait to put it into practice. I'm already considering to take more sessions from him. Recommended definitely! 🇲🇾
Isi Arredondo
Isi Arredondo
Philip is a great listener, very calm, and supporting therapist. Great session, felt great being able to say out loud in a safe space what has been on repeat in my thoughts. 🇨🇷🇵🇭
Philip really listens to you and make you feel comfortable. I have a lot of things to reflect on thanks to him.
Jolie Pollard
Jolie Pollard
I wasn’t sure how someone so far away would connect with my experience, but my session with Phil exceeded my expectations. In my previous therapy sessions I have found myself repeating my story over and over, week after week but without feeling much access to resolve or to the feeling that I was being understood. In just one session, and even using diagrams, Phil was able to shift me over to helpful ways of analyzing my past to gain a more positive appreciation of my previous self. 🇧🇿🇧🇿🇧🇿
Cecilia Solana
Cecilia Solana
Even on the first session I left with clarity about my core motivators and was given tools, simple and practical, to explore my options and ways to realize my dreams. Perfect balance of exploration, insight, method and a result oriented approach. All of this with zero judgement. I'm grateful.
I would like to thank Philip for the session we just had, it was a very interesting experience as it’s the first time for me. I felt like I was talking to someone I know, was very comfortable and expressed myself easily. I highly encourage people to book sessions with him =)
yelena Tjoe-Nij
yelena Tjoe-Nij
A clarifying session! That is what first comes to mind when I think about my session with Philip. Not only did he made me feel that I was in a safe space to express my thoughts and feelings, he also made sure that I felt heard. If you need a listening ear, a safe space to express yourself and helpful tips and tricks to get back on track Philip is your guy. Would definitely recommend!
Chris Tapia
Chris Tapia
Philip was very patient and paid close attention to my conversation, although english is not my mother tongue, he was always trying to understand me and give me feedback. His session conveys confidence and makes it very easy to talk about what worries you. He is very professional and you can notice in all he do.
Lindie Botha
Lindie Botha
I was very grateful for this session - the atmosphere was warm and relaxed and Philip had an easy and warm manner of interacting. He gave helpful pointers on handling my situation and I left the session feeling motivated and reassured. Thanks so much!
GAP 1996
GAP 1996
I had an excellent experience, the therapist inspired me confidence to talk about my feelings and open up. Thank you very much! 😊
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Why I Am Suited For Counselling Expats In The Netherlands!

My name is Philip Andersson. I am the son of expats, a former expat, a licensed mental healthcare counsellor and the founder of Wherapy.

I founded Wherapy in 2018 with the intention of counseling expats who are dealing with depression, anxiety and other mental health issues.

I studied psychodynamic psychotherapy at Sverigehälsan in Malmö and I have a degree in Social Work from Linköping University.

Alongside my work with Wherapy, I also work at a children's psychiatric clinic.

If you have a question or want to get to know me better, send me a message on WhatsApp!

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Every Monday I publish a post on Wherapy's instagram account with the flags of three countries. The first person to send a DM from each country will receive a free therapy session!

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