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DIY Depression Treatment Program


Don’t know where to being when treating your depression? Going it alone ain’t easy! This course will give you everything you need to overcome depression on your own and for good!

You will learn about the fundamentals of depression, everything from the symptoms, to how they develop and how they are maintained. You will also learn about a concept called The Three Pillars Of Good Mental Health and together we’ll look into each of those pillars to see what you can do to reserve engineer your depression!


Course Overview

Target Group: People who are suffering from a mild depression and are having trouble getting out of it.

Aim: To provide the information necessary to make key lifestyle changes and to alter critical thought patterns in order to eliminate the symptoms of depression permanently.

Course Duration: 3-weeks.

Lesson Duration: Approximately 10 minutes.

Method: The course consists of text and tables as well as audio and video files. Homework is assigned at the end of some lessons. 


Available On Wherapy+

The DIY Depression Treatment Program is available through our subscription service Wherapy+. Wherapy+ has a bunch of courses aimed to improve your mental health. Learn more by clicking on the link below!


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