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The Economy Of Energy


Are you burned-out or simply feeling low on energy? Then this course is the perfect fit!

Here you’ll gain a better understanding of how your energy levels can change depending on the state of your mental health. You will also learn what you can do to mitigate the effects of low energy.


Course Overview

Target Group: People suffering from low energy levels due to a depression, burnout or old age.

Aim: To help people understand how their energy works and to enable them to manage their energy levels during a depression, burnout or old age. 

Course Duration: 5-weeks.

Lesson Duration: Approximately 20 minutes.

Method: The course consists of text and tables as well as audio and video files. Homework is assigned at the end of each lesson. 


Available On Wherapy+

The Economy of Energy is available through our subscription service Wherapy+. Wherapy+ has a bunch of courses aimed to improve your mental health. Learn more by clicking on the link below!



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