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Know Your Self


Feeling unsure of yourself? Are you suffering from an identity crisis? Or a mid-life crisis? If so, then this course is for you. 

In this four week course, you will learn how to indicate areas of inner-conflict and gain the knowledge needed to eliminate them. 

This course uses simple models to illustrate different psychological processes. At the end of each lesson, you will be able to draw a model of your self and see how your depression and inner-conflict has been “created”.


Course Overview

Target Group: People suffering from depression as a result of inner-conflict. People who are suffering from an identity-crisis or mid-life crisis.

Aim: To help people understand their psychological processes, so that they can resolve their inner-conflict on their own.

Course Duration: 4-weeks.

Lesson Duration: Approximately 1 hour.

Method: The course consists of text and tables as well as audio and video files. Homework is assigned at the end of each lesson. 


Available On Wherapy+

Know Your Self is available through our subscription service Wherapy+. Wherapy+ has a bunch of courses aimed to improve your mental health. Learn more by clicking on the link below!



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