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With experience in cognitive behavioral therapy and psychodynamic therapy, we combine treatments for better effect!
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Our sessions can be taken from the comfort of your own home or on the road, after work, on weekends and during week. We’re here when you need us!
With clients in over 25 countries!
Our experience of working with people from different cultures gives us the know-how and the confidence to meet your needs wherever your from!
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Philip Andersson

Philip is currently studying to become a psychotherapist at Sverigehälsan in Malmo, Sweden. He has worked alongside cognitive behavioral therapists and psychotherapists. Philip treats people suffering from depression, anxiety and stress.

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Purchase multiple sessions at once and get a sizeable discount.
5 - sessions (6 weeks) - $265
5 - sessions (No Expiry) - $285

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Coming soon! Experience the next generation in depression and anxiety treatment!

Wherapy is working on a subscription service packed with online courses, guided meditations, journaling programs, life planning software, podcasts and lectures for the betterment of your mental health.

Tests & Guides
Interested in finding out if your depressed or anxious and if so to what degree? Try our tests! And if you want to know more about depression and anxiety, take a look at our guides.
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Telephone Number: +46(0)70-817-0550
Address: Norrbygatan 29, 59176 Borensberg, Sweden

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Name: Wherapy AB
Founded: 2020-06-01
CEO: Philip Andersson
Bank Account Number: 5528-4525
Organisations Number: 559266-8866
VAT: SE8760000000000346193818

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