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Binaural Beats

Binaural beats are auditory illusions created by two separate tones. The tones are played simultaneously (one in each ear) and the brain gradually processes the difference between the two tones.

If you listen to a sound at the frequency of 134 Hertz in one ear and 120 Hertz in the other, your brain falls into synchrony with the difference, in this case 14 Hertz, which is a frequency that is though to promote positivity and decrease anxiety.

As you will discover with Wherapy+ there are a variety of frequencies each dealing with a specific issue.

For a binaural beat to work properly, the two tones have to have a frequency less that 1000 Hertz and must be listened to separately, one tone in each ear. That is why we recommend the use of headphones.

For desired effect, please listen to the tone for at least 30-minutes a day.


Scientific research about binaural beats

Several studies have found that binaural beats have a positive health benefit, especially when it comes to anxiety, mood and performance.

A British study found that listening to binaural beats reduced anxiety in patients prior to undergoing surgery.

Another study found that binaural beats in the beta range (14 – 30 Hz) improved performance on given tasks and reduced anxiety in participants.

An study conducted on 291 people at an emergency ward found that binaural beats decreased anxiety in patients.

Warning: If you have epilepsy, please consult a doctor before listening.


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