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How to stop your depressive thoughts from ruining your morning.

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How can I start my day out with a little bit normalcy instead of letting my depressive thoughts consume me?

I interpret this person as experiencing strong symptoms of depression in the morning. The person seems to find it hard to overcome these symptoms and is stuck with them throughout the day. The person is experiencing difficulty controlling their depressive thoughts which are particularly strong in the morning.

Why are we more likely to feel depressed in the morning?

So why are our depressive symptoms stronger in the morning than during the rest of the day? Simple, we have recently woken from a dream state, wherein our subconscious thoughts have been able to express themselves without hinderance. These thoughts have affected us during the dream state and is continuing to do this in the morning since our conscious mind has not yet become active. In other words, our defences are down and our subconscious desires and suppressed memories are running amok.

Avoid depression by reverse engineering your mental well-being

The easiest way to overcome this, albeit a temporary one, is to reverse engineer your mental well-being. Think about a time during any given day where you are less likely to have depressive symptoms. For most people, this tends to be during the middle of the day when they are busy with work. Reverse engineering this state would mean that work is something that alleviates depressive symptoms. In such, starting your day by delving into something productive is a sure fire way to gain control over your depression. However, this is just a temporary method and will not help you in the long run as the inner conflict causing your depression has gone unresolved. If you wish to overcome your depression on a permanent basis, I suggest you seek therapeutic help.

Philip Andersson

Depression & Anxiety Counsellor


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