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How To Prepare For Your Online Therapy Session


Online therapy has become increasingly popular and accessible, providing individuals with convenient and effective mental health support.

Whether you’re new to online therapy or a seasoned participant, preparing for your session can help maximize its benefits.

In this article, we will discuss essential steps to help you make the most out of your online therapy experience.



In This Article…

  1. Confirm Technical Requirements
  2. Find A Quiet And Private Space
  3. Test Audio And Video Settings
  4. Prepare Pen And Paper
  5. Reflect On Your Goals And Concerns
  6. Be Open And Honest
  7. Take Care Of Basic Needs


Confirm Technical Requirements

Before your online therapy session, ensure that you have the necessary technical setup.

Check that your device (laptop, tablet, or smartphone) is fully charged or connected to a power source.

Verify your internet connection and consider using a wired connection for stability.

Install any required software or applications and familiarize yourself with their basic functions.


Find A Quiet And Private Space

Creating a conducive environment is crucial for a productive therapy session.

Choose a quiet and private space where you can speak freely without interruptions or distractions.

Inform your household members or roommates about your session and request their cooperation in maintaining a quiet environment during that time.

Close unnecessary tabs or applications on your device to minimize potential distractions.


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Test Audio And Video Settings

Ensure that your audio and video settings are in working order before the session.

Test your microphone and speakers to ensure clear audio transmission. Also, consider using a headset.

Verify that your webcam is functioning properly and that you are well-lit to facilitate visual engagement.

If you encounter any issues, troubleshoot them beforehand or contact the technical support provided by the online therapy platform.


Prepare Pen And Paper

Have a pen and paper or a digital note-taking application ready to jot down any important thoughts or insights during your session.

Taking notes can help you recall key points discussed and enable you to reflect on them later.

Additionally, it allows you to capture any questions or concerns that arise during the session, ensuring that nothing important gets overlooked.


Reflect On Your Goals And Concerns

Spend some time reflecting on your therapy goals and the specific concerns or topics you want to address during the session.

Consider writing them down before the session, so you have a clear focus in mind.

This preparation can help you make the most of your session and ensure that you cover the areas you wish to explore with your therapist.


Be Open And Honest

Online therapy is most effective when you are open and honest with your therapist.

Remember that therapy is a safe space where you can share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences without judgment.

Prepare yourself mentally to be vulnerable and willing to engage in self-reflection. Authenticity and honesty are key to deriving maximum benefit from your therapy session.




Take Care Of Basic Needs

Take care of your basic needs before the session to ensure optimal focus and comfort. Have a glass of water nearby in case you need it.

Use the restroom beforehand to avoid interruptions during the session.

Dress comfortably but appropriately to establish a professional atmosphere, even in an online setting.



Preparing for your online therapy session can significantly enhance the overall experience and help you achieve your therapeutic goals more effectively.

By confirming technical requirements, creating a suitable environment, reflecting on your goals, and maintaining an open mindset, you can maximize the benefits of your online therapy sessions.

Remember, online therapy offers a valuable opportunity to prioritize your mental well-being, and investing a little time in preparation can go a long way in making your sessions successful and rewarding.

In this article, I’ve told you how to prepare for your online therapy session. 




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