Get 50% OFF on your first session with us!

Get 50% OFF On Your First Session With Us!

Wherapy is the one-stop-shop for depression and anxiety treatment online. Whether you are stuck at home or on the road, receive the help you need through our online counselling services.


Whether there is a deep-rooted cause for your depression and anxiety, or if its just a temporary life dilemma, Wherapy can help you get your life back on track by tailoring our services to your needs. We offer therapy, counselling and life-coaching sessions at a pace that suits you!



Therapist Preview

Name: Philip Andersson

I primarily work with people suffering from depression and anxiety. I have previously worked alongside both psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral therapists. This has garnered me the experience necessary to deal with both the symptoms and the causes of my client’s depression.

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My Sessions Will Leave You Feeling…

Relieved: My clients experience a release of tension associated with conflicts discussed during the session.

Harmonious: The release of stress hormones allow my clients to feel harmonious at the end of the session.

Balanced: Reflecting on inner conflicts establishes a newfound sense of balance within my clients.

Here’s What Some Of My Clients Say…

We have recently changed our name from Cross Culture Therapy to Wherapy and some reviews are unchanged.

  • review rating 5  Great listener and talker. Makes you feel comfortable and at ease allowing you to explain thoughts and feelings clearly. Highly recommended and good at feedback.

    thumb Ismail Kilicay
  • review rating 5  The coaching I've received from Philip at Wherapy has been invaluable. His instinctive talent for coaching and therapy is a tremendous ongoing support and enabling me to make personal breakthroughs I've needed for a long time. I’m hugely happy to be working with Wherapy and very warmly recommend their services, you’ll be in very capable and supportive hands.

    thumb Kirstie Wielandt
  • review rating 5  Great service! The fact that the service is online makes it very easy to use. I highly recommend it.

    thumb Martin Barkelid
  • review rating 5  It's just not another online thing! It is not. It is much better than expected. After recommendation from a colleague, I thought to give it a shot. Now, its been few sessions and I think the services have been great. To my surprise, the responses are really quick and helpful. It was quick to setup appointment and start my journey of self exploration. I love the support that I receive from Philip. His views and suggestions make me accept my feelings more than I ever have. The way he communicates feels very personalised, organic and after every session there is a lingering feeling that someone listened and understood me. I feel I can differentiate between things which are in my control, and be less anxious for the ones that aren't. So thanks again Philip and I shall see you soon.

    thumb Rishi Narang
  • review rating 5  Great articles and video! would highly recommend to anyone. I'm very luck to find this website to sort out my issues.

    thumb Misako Imada

Any Questions?

How Long Are The Sessions?

50 minutes.

How Much Does It Cost?

With the 50% discount your first session will cost £25. If you share this page on facebook you will receive an additional 25% off making your first session only £12.50. See the instructions below.

How Are The Sessions Conducted?

Online via video conferencing software.

Do I Have To Commit To Buying More Sessions?

Of course not.

Can I Continue My Treatment If I Want To?

Sure, we offer session packs with affordable prices.

3 Session = $140 – 60 day expiry

5 Sessions = $225 – 90 day expiry

5 Sessions = $250 – No expiry


If I End Up Taking More Sessions, Do I Have To Commit To The Same Time Every Week?

Of course not. The sessions will be conducted at a time and place that suits you. Some customers talk to us several times a week, others once every other month.

I Have A Busy Work Schedule, Can I Take Sessions After Hours Or On Weekends?

Sure, no problem! Simply book a time that suits you using our scheduler.

If I End Up Taking More Sessions, Will I Keep The Same Counsellor / Therapist / Life coach?

Yes. We at Wherapy want to maintain consistency in our treatment programs and we see the client – therapist / counsellor / life coach relationship as an important part of that.

So What Do I Need To Do?

Step 1 – Click the button below.

Step 2 – Select 1-session and pick a time that suits you.

Step 3 – Fill in your information.

Step 4 – Click Redeem Package or Coupon.

Step 5 – Write FIRSTSESSION in the window entitled code or email.

Step 6 – Finalize booking.

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