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Question Time! – Attack Anxiety


What is Question Time? – Attack Anxiety

Question Time – Attack Anxiety is a 60-minute live seminar conducted once a month.

The seminar is hosted by course creator Philip Andersson. Philip is a psychotherapist and the founder of Wherapy.

The seminars are intended to strengthen your knowledge of the course Attack Anxiety.

Philip will answer any questions you have regarding the concepts discussed in the course and help apply it to your life.


How does it work?

The seminars are conducted via a video conferencing software. A link to the seminar will be sent to your email a few hours before it is scheduled to take place. 


When are the seminars?

Question Time – Attack Anxiety is brand new.

As of yet, there are no established dates for seminars. Once we have received enough applications, we will contact the applicants with a suggested time and date for the seminar.


Will it cost me anything?

No. Question Time is free to Wherapy+ subscribers.


How do I apply?

First and foremost, completion of the course Attack Anxiety is a prerequisite for participation.

Once you have completed the course, you are welcome to apply for the live seminar. You may do so by filling out the form below. A maximum of 8 participants are allowed in each seminar.

Applications will be processed on a first come, first serve basis. 


Apply Here!


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