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Chakra Meditation

What is Chakra meditation?

The chakras are the energy centers of the body.

There are seven in total, the first one being the root chakra which is located at the base of the spine and the last one being the crown chakra which is located at the top of the head. The rest are located along the spine, with each chakra being associated to a different spiritual element.

If a certain aspect of our life is out of balance, it could be because of a blocked chakra. A sexual disfunction is, for example, an indication of a blocked sacral chakra.

Chakra meditation is used to open the chakras and to allow energy to flow through them. Meditating through all seven chakras will bring balance to the entire system.

Over time, you will be able to tell which chakras are blocked. This will allow you to focus specifically on one chakra.

Each chakra has a color, a mantra (a sound), a mudra (a gesture), crystals, oils and yoga poses associated to it. Consider using some of them to strengthen the impact of the chakra meditation.


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