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15% Discount on Therapy Sessions

Why would I need therapy?

There are a lot of reasons why people chose to go to therapy. Some need help reflecting on an inner conflict whilst others simply want guidance when searching for the cause of their depression or anxiety.


Who is my therapist?

Philip Andersson is a psychotherapist and the founder of Wherapy. He has worked alongside cognitive behavioural therapist as well as psychodynamic therapist. Philip primarily treats people suffering from depression, anxiety and stress as well as those dealing with feelings of displacement as a result of a global upbringing.


How does it work?

It’s simple!

Book a session using our scheduling software. Fill in the coupon code provided on this page when making the payment.

The therapy sessions are conducted via a video conferencing software. A link to the session will be sent to your email approximately an hour before it is scheduled to take place.


How much does it cost?

One 50-minute session costs $70 (approximately £50 or €60). With the 15% discount the session will cost $59.50 (approximately £45 or €52).

Five 50-minute sessions costs $300 (approximately £223 or €262). With the 15% discount the sessions will cost $255 (approximately £190 or €222). *All five sessions must be completed within a 6-week period. 

With the No Time Limit! add on the five 50-minute sessions costs $325 (approximately £242 or €284). With the 15% discount the sessions will cost $276 (approximately £205 or €241).


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