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Here you will find video instructions as well as written instructions on various yoga poses ranging in difficulty from beginner to advanced. We also have a “weekly mix” segment...

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Sleep Stories


Having a tough time reaching dreamland? Then this selection of sleep stories is just for you!

Begin by turning off the lights. Tuck yourself in and rest your head...

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Anxiety Log


Say hello to your best friend in the fight against anxiety! Every time you’ve had an anxiety attack, simply fill out the form provided.

Over time, you’ll be able...

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Binaural Beats

Binaural beats are auditory illusions created by two separate tones. The tones are played simultaneously (one in each ear) and the brain gradually processes the difference between the two...

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Dear Diary


Discover the healing power of your own words! Here, you have a space to reflect on what happens in your life, from the small-and-insignificant to the great-and-remarkable. 

In time you...

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