Before Your First Session

Now that you’ve booked your first session with us, there are a few practical elements that you should prepare ahead of time.

Find a Comfortable Environment for your Session

First and foremost, make sure that your session environment is comfortable. For your own sake, make sure not to talk to us as you are walking from room-to-room or out-and-about. Please find a quiet room at home or at work where no one can disturb you. Make sure that the chair or couch that you are sitting on is comfortable and don’t forget the tissue box. Also, it’s always a good idea to have a bottle of water nearby.

Check your Internet Speed

To avoid connectivity issues and network disturbances, please check your internet speed before your first session with us. We recommend you to have an upload and download speed of at least 5Mbps. If you have purchased a session and realised that your internet speed is not fast enough, please send us an email and we will refund your session.

The Rules

Below are a list of rules that apply to all of our clients.

– A session link will be sent to all clients approximately 15 minutes before the session. Clients are expected to be present for the start of the session. There will be no compensation for lost time due to tardiness. If a client is more than 15 minutes late, the session will be cancelled without a refund.

– Clients wishing to reschedule a session are expected to do so 48 hours before their session is meant to begin.

– Audio and video recording of the session is strictly prohibited.


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